derick and yolande de beer


Derick and Yolande’s Bio

Dr Derick De Beer

 Some say he is a handful, some say he is unmanageable, all we know is,he is the st…(no hang on that’s someone else😜)

Our oldest member of the team was given the leadership position, simply because he did not excel at anything in particular!

Indecisiveness and procrastination has left him till now without transport, but rumour has it that the mythical unicorn will give him a lift along the way!

His idea of packing involves a stop at the corner cafe, for fresh supply of Marlboros and another at “Woolies” for a 3pack of underpants!

Forward planning and conventional wisdom ignites his ADHD and no amount of Ritalin can cure!

Fortunately a spouse aptly named HTFU understands him and can get him to concentrate long enough to accomplish the task at hand!

 Dr Yolande Mathee (De Beer)

A mother of two teenagers and a delinquent husband, need we say more?

HTFU, her nickname and aptly so! A professional doctor by day and a superstar at night!

Never scared of the hair-brained ideas the clan might conjure, silently accepting the challenge and finishing it with flair!

A comfort creature when allowed, but will gladly rough it with the toughest of them all!

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